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Your jewelry tells a story and jewelry design carries history and inspiration. We choose to create our pieces using brass. Brass has a rich, old world feel we love working with. This metal has been used in adornments since the middle ages. It is known for its warm beauty and durability without the price tag of gold.

Brass is a combination of copper and zinc and is naturally hypoallergenic. Our brass will not turn the skin green and many with sensitivities can wear brass because it is free of nickel, lead, and cadmium.

Sometimes, we use gold plated metals in our designs. Gold plating is typically 14-18k and is a layer of alloy metal attached to a base of brass, copper, or steel. Please see the materials of each specific listing to see the metals used in that design.

If you have questions, or want to inquire about a design using a different metal chain than what is listed, please contact us.


Creating with gorgeous gemstones is the best part of what we do. We are gemstone junkies through and through. Humans have an innate connection to rocks and crystals. It is in our history and defines our humanity. The gemstones used in Santore Jewelry are handpicked for their unique properties, beauty, and quality. We love learning about the meaning associated with each of these stones. Every piece of Santore Gemstone Jewelry, will include information detailing the crystals’ uses and metaphysical properties. Even if you aren’t a believer in the power of crystals, you can rest assured that good vibes are used to choose every single stone.


This stone’s meaning is based on the sea. It encompasses exhilaration & calm, while inspiring trust, truth, reflection, & letting go.


A stone that promotes joy, compassion, forgiveness, & confidence. it can be helpful in easing feelings of anxiety, depression, & co-dependence


A joyful stone that promotes fortune, luck, & happiness. It’s said to manifest success & abundance, and reduce destructive tendencies


A type of quartz said to have the power to dissipate negative thoughts. Excellent for healing self-doubt, worry, & negative feelings that affect the ability to feel joy.

Herkimer Diamond

These diamonds are the most powerful in the quartz family helping ease tension & aid in total relaxation. Known high energy crystals for meditation & boosting other crystals.


A customer favorite! Known as a stone of transformation & magic. It’s excellent for general protection and is said to help with clarity, insight, and attract success.


Considered to be a good luck stone and encourages calm and serenity. It may aid in relief from emotional stress & is associated with the crown, 3rd eye, & heart chakras.


Valued for their calming effects. Pearls are classic symbols of confidence, personal strength, and wisdom gained through experience.


An uplifting crystal that helps dispel negativity & protects against harmful environments. It’s stabilizing & balancing with the ability to help with concentration. Available in many varieties.

Tiger Eye

A stone of strength to help release fear & anxiety. It aids harmony & balance, & helps to make decisions with discernment & understanding, unclouded by your emotions.


Known to help one speak truth with compassion. Thus, mending insecurities & providing confidence. As a heart chakra stone, it also provides soothing stress relief to emotions.


A stone of structure & balance. It’s believed to ease mood swings and encourage acceptance bringing a sense of optimism & peace.

Jewelry Care

To keep your jewelry looking new longer, avoid wearing it when swimming or working out, or in wet conditions (for instance, do not store jewelry in your bathroom). We advise you keep your jewelry in a jewelry box, or pouch to reduce oxidation as much as possible. To brighten and clean your jewelry, use a soft polishing cloth and rub gently. Raw brass can also be cleaned with size 0000 steel wool.

Brass can tarnish or oxidize, and wearing the jewelry under certain conditions may expedite this process. Do your best to avoid getting lotions, oils, or solvents on the jewelry. Occasionally one may naturally have more acidic skin, and their PH can tarnish jewelry faster than others.